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Okc/Tinder Question. Am I insane?

Every once in a rare while, I post an online ad. It used to work, a decade ago. But now men in my 40s age bracket are just non-existent or looking for women in their 30s to have babies. Very few are OK with fat girls.

But randomly I wishfully think. This time I tried Tinder. I got a bunch of matches but then... nothing. Do guys just not write?

And on OKC, it's the same. Guys just never actually want to meet. And they expect me to do all the work "ask me anything you want!" they say. "Do you have any conversational abilities? Or do you just want to monologue about yourself?" is what I want to respond. Am I supposed to ask them out as well?


I just would like to feel like a guy is actually interested in ME. I'm insane, right?

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