Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey ladies and gents! I am a serial monogamist who is back in the dating game after a four year relationship. I've only had relationships in college and high school, and (don't judge me) but my relationships stemmed from sex on the first "date" or casual hanging out like 4 times then hooking up and just deciding "Hey, I guess it's a relationship."

I have no qualms with the way I've dated and I had successful relationships until they just didn't work anymore. But now I am dating again, and I don't know the "rules" of courtship. I recently met a few guys on OkCupid and there's one in particular I really like. We've been out on a couple of dates and we obviously like each other. I wanted to wait a little while before we had sex so that I could have that traditional courtship experience, but I hadn't had sex in months and couldn't resist and I had sex on the third date. Womp womp. We still talk every day and we've hung out since then, sans sex. But now I'm getting anxious. I don't understand real-life adult dating. I know right now isn't the time to get serious or exclusive, but I don't even know the signs to look for to know if we're even headed in that direction. Because at this point, I was always in a relationship.


Any advice on how to bring it up without sounding like I'm suggesting we become exclusive right now?

This all sounds stupid as I'm writing it, but in my head, it makes sense.

Any help? How long do you guys wait until talking about stuff like this? I feel so silly.

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