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OkCupid Etiquette...When Someone You Know IRL Messages You

I am currently experiencing a conundrum which I am sure at least a handful of you have dealt with before.

Yesterday I got a really cute, really nice and not creepy message from a guy I worked with a little over three years ago. Back then I had a huge crush on him because he was my favorite combination of funny-weird and handsome. I quit to go back to school and I never saw him again, until I checked his profile out yesterday.

The thing is, I don't know if he remembers me. I'm guessing not, since he would have probably mentioned that in his initial message. I don't look that different (although age has thinned my face a little) but I also don't know if he would remember me anyway. We really only worked together for a few months.


I definitely want to respond to him because I know for a fact he is a cool and funny dude but I don't know if I should bring our work history together up...Would it be weirder to bring it up or weirder not to??

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