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OKCupid Gems

So I kinda sorta have an OkC account. Apparently when I took a "What's Your Patronus" quiz way back in 2006 for my MySpace page, that somehow translated into me having a profile when OkC finally made the switch from stupid quiz site to free dating site.

Now, I don't have a photo on my profile, or anything, but I have filled out some of the "about me" sections and have answered some of the questions. Mainly, I just like looking through my "matches" non-commitally for shits and giggles. And I think it's a laugh riot anytime a GTer posts some of their horror stories, so without much more ado, here are a couple of mine. These screen grabs are from the "questions."

First up we have a gentleman who must've time travelled from a time before Galileo.


Next we have a guy who knows exactly what he wants in a woman.

But don't worry, ladies! He HAS dated outside his race before, so if you're brown, it's literally no big deal.

More from this winner:


Look! He won't hold it against you if YOU'RE a racist, too! Hooray!

But wait, it gets better:


The icing on the cake! He will consider dating you if you're brown, because you just might be that rare brown person who is uncharacteristicly smarter than the rest of your race and its "lower mean IQ."

Did I mention this guy is Hispanic? Yeah. He is.

I wish I had screen-shotted the guy who answered in favor of an eugenics question, but I was too flabbergasted by that point. (The question was would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce).


Anyway, I hope these fine specimens have given you a bit of a laugh. I had to laugh so I wouldn't cry.

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