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I received this message twice, word for word, from the same guy today.

He contacted me a few days ago with a generic "Hey beautiful" message, which I promptly ignored. But then today, he sends me this gem (once at about 12:30 and again at 5:30):

To all the women who are, or who have ever been part of my life: There is immense beauty in you. Your strength astounds me. You are full of grace. Your soul is kind. You are all of the reasons many people bother waking up every day. You are worthy of more love and appreciation than just I can provide. I love you. Those are my words to you. Make them yours to yourself. Try looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and repeat this out loud. If you don't already, I hope one day you will know how amazing you are to me, and everyone else.


I feel like writing back "These are my words to you. Make them yours to yourself: I am a condescending, obnoxious creep." Too much?

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