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OkCupid Profile Pic And Statement

Ok y'all, here's what I've got so far:

My name is VivaciousVicious, and I'm a 22 year old senior at [University], majoring in history. As for further education, I'm planning on being an archivist. I've been in LA for about five years, basically a San Francisco transplant. Some things about me, because, hey, I gotta introduce myself! I enjoy listening to "old school" Rock 'n Roll, like The Rolling Stones and David Bowie-but I enjoy pretty much all genres. I like to read, and I'm trying to get through pretty much everything Hunter S. Thompson wrote when I'm not doing school reading. I also love movies-blockbusters, action, comic book based (loved The Avengers!), classics, and foreign films. Plus, TV-my favorite show is The Venture Bros. I love anything having to do with the humanities, but I try to keep up with other subjects. I am proud to admit I'm a total nerd/geek! I'm looking for a guy who is a great conversationalist, has diverse interests, and is well-rounded and intelligent. A guy who enjoys going to museums, keeps up with current events, is driven and ambitious regarding doing something he loves, and is up for a good adventure. Someone who is witty and a has good sense of humor. I can be bit shy at first, but when I get to know someone, I am quite bubbly and a bit goofy. I like cocktail parties, or just casually kicking back. I can be totally chill, but at the same time excitable. I'm about 5'1, slim, and a brunette.


Note: I do not look like Hugh Laurie in a dress.

It sounds a bit wonk-tastic. First, I think the sentences are all over the place, and it kinda makes my life sound pretty dull-ish. Which it kinda is at this point. I don't know if I'm being more specific about things than I should, or if I'm not specific enough. Or if these things are even ALL of my interests. No lies here, and my friend proofed it, saying it was pretty good. She's known me for 4+ years, and gets me like no other. But something seems a bit off. I'd go back to my list, but that was long and waaaaaaay nit-picky. I'm such a perfectionist that it's obscene! Also I don't think I know myself as well as I thought I did. Should I name some more books? Some directors? Trying to fit/replace things that don't make me seem like a crazy snob? And I couldn't find a word better than "slim"...I'm a bit thin, but I have reasonably sized (read: kinda big) boobs, and some curves-I guess. But I also have classical facial features.

Here is the photo I'm considering using, but sitting down isn't my best angle. You can't see my eyes in the photo because I am an enigma:


Plus I want my "Magic Sparkle Slippers" in the picture, and not the bruise on my leg-and probably shouldn't have that Robert Downey Jr. picture and stuffed animals in the picture. Plus my hair looks different and softer now. Plus the zipper on the dress should be pulled down a bit...Gosh I am so picky! Should I get some more glamour shots? PS-this is absolutely what I wear when I'm fancy. But would it be more honest to wear what I do when I'm casual? Like my low-cut black tee and my Wonder Woman necklace?



Edit: The "casual" picture:

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