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OKCupid-Should I Do It? Also Where My LA Jezzies At?

First thing:

I'm seriously considering joining OKCupid. I know a lot of you use it. However, it's quite (sorta) early here, and I tend to have half-baked ideas in the morning. But in all seriousness, I need advice about this. I would like to date more (I've only been on one date in my life), and I just think it would help me get over my fear of talking to guys. I haven't visited the site, but I have some ideas I would put down as 'interests' and a bit of an idea of what I would say about me. Here are my 'musts'. Warning: contains smoking, please don't crucify me about that!

  • Lives close to my location (Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel-air, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, or even my town-I just kinda gave away my neighborhood here).
  • Smoker. Yes, I smoke. My bad.
  • Enjoys watching movies-foregin, blockbusters, action, anything based on comic books, comedies. Anything but sappy rom-coms.
  • Educated and witty.
  • Good sense of humor, a bit goofy.
  • Likes to read. Specifically Hunter S. Thompson, etc. Able to tolerate my obsession with Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Age between 22-25. I like older guys, but not anyone that could be as old as my dad.
  • Occasional drinker, but not to the point of excess. Also likes champagne. Or whatever.
  • Likes the cocktail scene rather than the techno rave scene.
  • No assholes.
  • Keeps up with current events.
  • Good conversationalist.
  • Kind and compassionate.
  • Tolerant of someone who is awkward and kinda terrified of intimacy. And patient and understanding of that. I'm not a virgin-TMI-but I haven't really done anything relating to sex in 4 years. Because I freaked out during my first time. Also able to like a 'goody two shoes'
  • Would be understanding of someone in therapy (not going to tell him that off the bat).
  • Likes history, literature, et al.
  • Geeky.
  • Will be able to understand I'm a full time student in college.
  • No deadbeats. Would like someone who is ambitious and driven, with a job. Not to the point of narcissism or being a total dick.
  • If he looks like my famous guy crushes, that would be cool. But looks aren't everything.
  • Cultured and likes to travel.

Are these too specific? Are these unreasonable? Are there guys like this out there? And if I don't like him, how do I tell him to step to the left? That's VV speak for back the hell off. What are your experiences?

Second thing:

Is there a group of Jezzies that live in the LA area and meet up regularly? I heard there is such a group, but I have no idea where to find it. I'd love to hang out with y'all!

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