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OKCupid Update

Okay, so I've only been on OKC for a few days now, but so far it's.... a bit of this and that.

Trinidadians aren't really into online dating yet so the pickings are really slim. My guess is that it's because all the awesome guys can find people the traditional way, leaving all the weirdos for me to sift through. Awesome. (Wait... does that make me a weirdo too?!?!)

BUT I did find one guy who is basically perfect. And I found him the first day! It was a miracle! But because my life is defined by tragedy, he's actually a foreigner who will only be here until Christmas.



But he really is awesome. We've been messaging back and forth for like 2-3 days now about mostly mundane stuff (interests etc) but he's engaging, replies in full sentences, spells properly. It's great. But the best part is that we line up on most things politically, which is really important for me, and one of the reasons why I can't find too many guys. (Trinidad is still pretty conservative socially, and wildly misogynistic/paternalistic) Other than a select few of the race questions (he's a white guy) he's essentially perfect on paper. We're something at like 92% match and only 9% enemy. PERFECTION. Also I tried widening my search with the little criteria buttons and he keeps turning up first in the search. I thought that was hilarious and cute.

I also found this other guy who I seemed pretty compatible with and it turned out to be an old friend of mine's ex! Trinidad is way too small. He has a GF now anyway, so that avoids that awkward conversation.

But so far, I'm liking it. I wish I were somewhere bigger so that there were more options for diverse people and backgrounds, but I like the metrics the site uses, and the question thing is kinda fun when you get down to it.


I'm hoping things with 92% guy pick up a bit because he's cute and he's smart and I think something short term might be exactly what I need to get myself back into the swing of things. Even the bad ones aren't that bad. It's mostly guys who think I need to cook them dinner because vagina, or can't spell, or hold a proper conversation.

My only real pet peeve is that OKC keeps sending me matches that are TERRIBLE. Like, it'll come up in quiver and the match is at 53% match and 35% enemy. HOW IS THAT A MATCH?! And then the tab that has your mutual questions says "Y'all got Issues". Stop trolling me OkCupid! Lol. It's not that bad though.


How do you guys approach taking things offline? Dating culture is significantly more casual and relaxed in Trinidad, so just hanging out together is pretty common even if you aren't actually dating dating yet. But as he's American, I'm worried that asking him out just to hang might weird him out as being too soon. On the other hand, he did say that he hasn't seen very much of Trinidad because he doesn't have access to a car, and public transportation here while cheap and accessible, requires a significant amount of know-how. So, it could be fun to kind of be his tour-guide, which would help keep it casual. Thoughts?

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