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In my last OkCupid post I was freaking out because my old coworker (on whom I had always harbored a secret crush) messaged me and did not recognize me. I asked y'all for advice and, as usual, all of it was great. I decided to go the sneaky route, saying he looked familiar but I couldn't place how I knew him. Bells were not immediately rung in his head and I was like "Oh well, whatever, maybe when we meet he will realize that I was the cute cashier dream girl that got away." BUT THEN mere hours later he texted me saying I did look really familiar and from there he figured it out, and he said the following: "I always thought you were cute...I can't believe it's you!"

Anyway, then we went on a date (we were supposed to go mini-golfing but the weather where I am is having some sort of identity crisis and can't decide what season it wants to be) which started out as dinner and turned into drinks, which turned into me kicking ass at foosball, which turned into me being terrible at shuffleboard, which turned into us talking and joking for a few hours which culminated in THE BEST KISS EVER. I didn't even try to take him home which means I actually like him!


So Groupthink, I owe you one. Your sage advice helped me go on the best date I've been on in...years, probably.

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