Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Suck Titties Guy

Him: Hey how are you?

Me: I'm ok, and you?

Him: I'm good I really want to suck on your titties

*and then I proceed to block him

High School Peer(again)

Him: Hey you went to XYZ High School with me I think lol I'm Billy and how are you?


(This is the 2nd time he has sent me something similar. He sent me a message last year I think on my old account. I told him hello and we chatted and he asked if I wanted to go out sometime and I told him I thought it was best we remained friends and he got upset and said no one would ever want him blah blah. Yeah....)

Magic Guy

Him: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooo thats the magic babe

*I proceed to block him*


Him: Hey! I have an important question to ask you but you have to promise to be completely honest


(I ignore this shit because it's always some dumb question so you will engage with them. It's usually a sexual question or something stupid)


Him: So you're not attracted to latino looking people who are not latino?

Me: What?

Him: You've answered in your questions that you are attracted to only Latinos

Him: I was asking if someone who looks latino but is not one, would you be not attracted to him?


Me: It is what I'm mostly attracted to, yes.

*I guess it's ok if the guy "looks" Latino. That counts right? Um, no*

Mr. Hung

Him: You need a hung fuckbuddy while in school ? Im clean, cut shaved really thick cant promise to make your legs shake and pussy swell everytime but ive been known to have that effect :) motel is on me. Im looking for a regular thing we all have needs i work alot 15+ hrs a day 5-6 days a wk


Me: Thanks for letting me know you didn't read my profile.

(I indicated I was moving OUT of state for school. I also indicated at the bottom that I didn't want to be contacted for hook ups. Someone either didn't bother to read or simply doesn't give 2 fucks. Or both.)


I'm so over dating or meeting anyone new right now. For what? Better stick to what I know until I leave for school.

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