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OkNemeses Vol. 1

Greetings! Hi! Hello! Welcome to my first installment of OkNemeses! Most of these are new but I'll include a couple that I posted in the past because they're just too damn good.


So this first one was from an 18 year old boy. I'm almost a decade older than him but he still felt the need to let me know he approved of my taste in music. Thanks bro.

So I live in Texas and wear lots of black and tights year round. I made a little joke on my profile that 'it's not officially summer until some asks me 'aren't you hot in all that black?''. I like how this guy thinks there's such a thing as a proper catcall. Uh, it's called street harassment and I'm an angry feminist. Note the 43% enemy rating here.


Third and final entry of the week. I think this is my favorite message of all time. A little back story: this guy is in his mid 40's and visited my profile every day for two weeks. And this is what he finally sent me.

Join me next week!

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