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OKNemeses Vol. 2

So, I have a disclaimer that basically says 'hey message me if you live in my city and are in the age range I specified. It's polite at the very least but if you choose to ignore my basic requests I'll judge you' (but slightly more eloquent than this). A lot of messages I get are from guys wayyyy older than me asking to be exceptions or guys who live states away. It's just one of those filter things for me too. As a survivor I'm really sensitive to boundaries etc and don't really trust guys who are like 'hey I know I'm 53 and you're 25 but I think we'd get along'. So. I got this.

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The second half: because — idiots who reach out to others to please themselves excluded — i'm sure there are those who had the best intentions and/or who you just seemed to be far too many levels of impressive to, so for what it's worth, it's almost a compliment, in a way.

genuinely impressive people are rare. and when they cross our paths, we notice them whether we want to or not. and they stand out for who they are, not who we want them to be for us.

and you seem like one of those.


sorry for rambling. just trying to avoid work and you made an impression.

take care. best of luck with everything.

and dogs really are the best, because they have no choice but to operate from a place of honesty at all times. because unlike idiots who brag about it as if truth is a choice, dogs know its reflex. (lying is a choice, truth is reflex and no one should take credit for just going with what's reality. if anyone does ever try to, count that against them. it's like someone bragging about breathing. as if that's a choice)



This really pissed me off. I've unpacked a lot of why it bothered me so much but y'all feel free to add some analysis!

It is a subtle reinforcement of rape culture. 'Well you're just so great these guys can't help but message you' 'how dare you have standards and reasons for excluding men'


Look dude, sorry you're all pissy that I am not interested in you or your 'seriously old enough to be my father' cohort but I'm allowed to choose to not fuck every man who thinks I'm 'impressive' or thinks he's special enough for an exception. I don't want to fuck an 18 year old and I don't want to fuck someone in his mid-40's or beyond. I'm allowed to make those choices for myself and I'm allowed to draw my own boundaries. I refuse to feel bad for that.

EDIT: Kinja, why do you hate posting multiple pictures?!?!?!

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