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I don’t really use OK Cupid. My profile’s existed since it was just a quiz site back in the MySpace days. Anyway, I occasionally check it out for lulz. Today, this happened and I figured I should share the wealth with my fellow GTers, since we could all use the laugh.

So I present to you a “conversation” I had with a “shy” guy:


Apparently, not responding within seven minutes of his original witty opener is the height of rudeness.

I should note, my profile is written in a way that’s pretty harsh, but specific. And, I also don’t have a photo. Like I said, I don’t actually use it to pursue anything with anyone. Anyway, I decided to just be extremely blunt:

He shows his true colors pretty fast in response. Opening by trying (but failing) to insult my username, then by being transphobic. Fun! I definitely should have given this winner a chance!


I blocked his ass right after sending that. Good luck, bro.

So what about you, fellow GTers? Any recent funny OKC stories? Share below!

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