So, my MIL has been storing my bins of books and toys for the past 8 years. My gram gave me all my childhood crap and I lived in apartments much too small to store them for a long time. Tonight she pulled them out from under the stairs and we brought them back. I'm having much too much fun looking at these books and I'm definitely not playing with my Barbies...definitely not putting the hot pink pantsuit on my Barbie with the bob.

You guys, this is like seeing old friends! My Rainbow Bright and Rainbow Horse (?? who remembers his name?? ) are here, old Roald Dahl and Judy Blume books...tons of Goosebumps! ALANA THE KNIGHT! All the good ones! Me and Barbie are totally going to read about magic, Prince Jonathan and that sexy king of thieves.

I should totally be packing for my overnight trip to MN tomorrow but I'm not. :}