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Old Books My Heart Said Buy Nose Said Hell No. Anyone familiar with Autry? What Would You Have Done?

At the flemarket a dealer had a box of old children’s novels. Most were the old Gene Autry novels. He was before my time and westerns is my least favorite genre tv or novels though I confess I did like L’Amour books.

So all these old 1950s children (really YA although maybe they called it teen novels then, not sure). Were all a dollar. I will google later if Autry wrote them himself or were ghosted.

He also had a Tarzan 1950s book Tarzan and Lost Safari.


The Tarzan book seems not to have been written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The copyright page said “characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs”. A children’s adaptation probably though it was close to 300 pages. Now you are wondering “dear god buy all of them”. I would be.

Remember the last paragraph I looked at copyright page? Well my nose started twitching. A horrible mildew stench hit my nose. The other books all had the discoloring dots on top of the pages which I noticed even though the books were closed and lined up.

Mildew books have one place the trash. No way to clean mildew from books and I believe mildew travels. The dealer said that these were his growing up and did not seem happy selling them for a dollar each. He was mid60s.

Would you have bought them? Even just buying to read then trashing would have been mean to the nose. I suspect nose would have been running. Plus could comtaminate other books.


Anyone grew up familiar with Gene Autry? Or is? I totally am not he was before my time and I am an oldster who recalls the 1970s very well.

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