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Old, Childless, and Confused

I promised myself I wouldn't use my Groupthink authorship as a platform for bitching, but I kind of have to, and also I need advice.

I'm 32, and have had type 1 diabetes for 31 years. I'm childless, but my husband and I may still want to try to have a baby, so I'm not willing to commit to any permanent solutions.


Here's the deal: I'm pretty sure I just ovulated, and it's only day 7 of my cycle. I wouldn't be so upset if I had even one week of okay skin, but right now my face is riddled with painful cysts. I haven't used hormonal BC since my early 20's, but I'm a little worried about starting up. Are my fears unfounded? I had to try four different pills to find the one that didn't turn my into a screaming, crying psycho bitch. I have really bad PMS some months, so I wound up on Desogen which helped some.

I'm also uninsured at the moment, so I can't really keep going back to switch out pills. Also, I'm substantially overweight (5'2" and a size 20/22), but I joined a gym today, so, yay! Still, I want to try to get healthy enough to potentially have a kid.

So, is the pill the way to go, or should I just tough out the painful zits and crazy period stuff? Also, am I going into early menopause??

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