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Old Classic TV Did You Watch Three's Company

We have not done a remember this show post in ages.

I remember my mother letting me stay up late to watch this show in the late 70s since her mother played cards on Wednesday. I saw it for many years on syndication along with new in the 80s.. Then stopped and a few years ago I tried it again.

In a lot of ways it holds up. Episodes are nontopical, usually, and based almost always on a misunderstanding that quickly turned in a hilarious nightmare. Also the slapstick was always top notch funny.


I always hear the show went downhill after Chrissy left, Suzanne Somers. Not true. The Ropers leaving was the beginning of the end. The Ropers were the counterbalance in the show since most of it relied on generational differences.

In fact I would argue all Somer’s replacement were interchangable. Good actresses but all props for Jack and the rest. The characters were all threadbare.

The Ropers they were the ones to watch. A long married couple totally used to each others habits and had affection for each other when they weren’t bickering or getting themselves involved with the “kids” as the Ropers called them.

A lot of the comedy was based on sex but in a lot of ways there was an innocence about it. I am convinced Chrissy was a virgin in retrospect some of her comments seemed so sexually innocent. Yet it also dealt with homosexuality, Jack to live with Chrissy and Janet they had to convince Mr Roper he was gay. Mrs Roper figured out the truth in minutes. Mr Roper?


Yet as I age I wonder if Mr Roper wasn’t gay. His leering was absurdly over the top and always when he was with his wife or Jack. He had no sexual attraction for his wife. A man in his 50 in the 1970s rarely came out. His generation then just not all but most kept it hidden.

I wish since the show was based on misunderstanding and sexual deception. If I rewrote the show Mr Roper being attracted to Jack, which I am fairly sure he was, Jack figures it out but helps Mr Roper keep his secret since Mr R is too conflicted about coming out. I would also add Mrs Roper has known long ago and understands her husband keeping it secret.


The series also dealt with abortion in one episode. The “kids” were in their bathroom and Chrissy had a wart removed. The Ropers were working in their bathroom and heard “removed” and “from her body”. They jumped to the conclusion Chrissy was getting an abortion. Misunderstanding turned nightmare the Ropers don’t want to admit they heard anything they told the “kids” they were there to help them out and Chrissy could do anything she wanted to “get rid of it” or not. That they would help raise it with her. Janet and Jack figured out what was going on and Chrissy blurted out why would they want to help raise her wart. This cemented my belief Chrissy was a sexual innocent and virgin. It also cemented my belief the Ropers thought of them as their kids and more progressive then suspected.

Don Knotts replaced the Ropers and was just annoying. I loved Knotts as Deputy Fife and in Apple Dumpling Gang in this he was terrible.


Memories of this show?

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