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Old Dog/New Trick

Last week, Spouse mentioned that the dryer was not working very well, so I disconnected the exhaust hose and had a look.

Not good.

We have an unusually long connection to the exhaust because of the way our stuff is arranged—though it’s just now occurred to me how to fix that. But never mind.


Suffice it to say that we had something like 10-15' of flexible hose going to the vent. It was almost entirely full of lint and, you know what, it’s really hard to clean that kind of hose.

So I made a trip to Home Despot and purchased lengths of aluminum ducting (which, I had not realized, is sold flat and has to be snapped together) and various bits. Then I worked out a plan that would still require about 5' of (better) flexible line (due to the location of a 2" pipe) but that would be, apart from that bit, almost all straight pipe.

I assembled the whole mess, replacing the exterior vent along the way because the old one was in very bad shape.

A can of spray foam to seal things up, some duct tape here and there, and...IT WORKS!


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