I just found this article on my fb feed:

I refrained from commenting there but I thought I’d bring it over here and get some of your opinions.

I’m getting to be an old dog because my initial reaction was shock and disappointment. To me this is just some school activity however I do understand that it can be limiting and make some feel poorly (father’s day wasn’t one of my favourites). But...you know there is one...but why throw the baby out with the bath water? Why not take these types of celebrations and really make it inclusive and teachable? Why not start the class off with a talk about mother’s day and what it means and who the kids would like to celebrate and thank for being in their lives and caring for them. Each child could use it to create a special day of their own and have a fun craft. And the kids could learn about different types of relationships and families.

I feel a bit concerned that in an effort to be inclusive we become exclusive. I don’t know that everything needs to be cancelled when maybe it could be amended.


Am I wrong? I’m still learning myself so maybe it’s my traditional upbringing clashing with the progression of society.

ETA: Hey, just want to say thanks for all the responses and for sharing your experiences. I’ve certainly learned a lot about the subject and I’m changing my tune.