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As a child and teen from 1970s to 80s I remember reading the books of Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur Clarke and Heinlein and others. Also the TV series Star Trek and the multitude of novels. One thing they all had in common was humanity has some differences but our future is one in which we will overcome our differences and unite. Mankind is really a species that wants to better ourselves. Sure there were some dystopian novelists Samuel Delany was one such author.

Even Abrams Star Trek has some dystopian features that I am positive Roddenbery must be rolling in his grave over. I can't believe Roddenbery ever would have had an admiral ally themselves with Khan not turning the Enterprise into more military then exploration vessel.

A new show is airing called The 100 set in a dystopian future.

I wish teens had more writers writing about a truly positive future who sees mankind heading towards a greater future. A future where we see ourselves not just as individuals but part of the community of humanity. A future where science and education triumphs (Clarke novels excelled in this).


A future where we looked to the stars and saw hope, saw something greater then ourselves and wanted to better ourselves so we could strive for that greatness.

Instead I find too many books that see a future where humanity stays corrupt, individual desires triumphs over humanity. Yes good people do strive and sometimes win but it brings us backwards in too many ways.

Sometimes I wonder if for readers it breeds suspicion and distrust towards humanity that our future is going to be bleak.

Growing up I had an incredible optimism about humanity. I bought hook line and sinker Roddenbury, Bradbury and Clarke's view of the future. Part of me still holds onto this. I hold onto the vision President Kennedy set forth (sadly I was born after he died) which Roddenbery embraced.


I wish novels and TV still had that.

End of a late 40s ranter.

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