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Olive Garden Rant

Ok, so today we went shopping and we of course got a little hungry, since shopping is such strenuous work and all. Beloved suggested the Olive Garden since we had not been there in years.

So we walked in and were shown to our table, it was myself, my partner, and our 4 year old daughter. We were given a table on the side of the restaurant that looked out on the parking lot (the other sides have much better views). We were not there long when I took notice of the other people in our area of the restaurant. There was a social worker with a developmentally disabled client eating at one table, an elderly couple that appeared to be lower on the economic scale based upon their dress, a young couple that could be described the same way, and another table that had what appeared to be grandparents, and a grandchild in his teens, and then there was us (we were dressed in jeans and hoodies) and a few others that were of the same general appearance. Curious, I got up and went to the restroom and took a look around the restaurant.

They were clearly segregating the place based upon appearance, as other areas of the restaurant contained people that were dressed better than us. This is the Olive Garden for crying out loud, not some place with Michelin stars.


Oh my god! We gotta keep the poors away from everyone else!

So at this point I was a little pissed and since we were facing the parking lot I started making predictions. Anyone that looked questionable or with a party member under the age of 20 was given a table in our section of the restaurant . Now I do not ever mind who we are seated near, but they way they were blatantly segregating everyone really pissed me off. Apparently none of the other diners took notice.

I do not think I will ever go back. (the food was not all that good anyway).

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