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Olympic Athletes Not Allowed to Publicly Dissent Mother Russia's Gay-Hating

Olympic Committee: We Will Punish Athletes For Pro-LGBT Activism During Games

According to the bylaws, no "propaganda" is allowed. The IOC has stated that the Olympics are "not the place" for "religious or political demonstration".

The article doesn't specify what they would consider to be propaganda. Would a rainbow flag get an athlete suspended or stripped of a medal? Are gay and lesbian athletes allowed to perform at all, or will there be a mandatory hetero check?


The spirit of the games is camaraderie and brother-and-sisterhood. We're supposed to be able to come together and "play" and then go home again with a broader sense of the world. It makes me nervous when that power is used to crush dissent. I know it's happened before, but I was hoping the world had made more advances than that.

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