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Olympic Soccer Hangover

The USWNT lost to Sweden. They played ok, but just couldn’t get a ball in the net.

Then came the shootout. IMO, shootouts are one of the most neutral ways to settle a tie. You shoot. You either make the shot, you miss, or the keeper stops the shot. I’ve played keeper in shootouts before, and it’s nervewracking as f*ck.

Sweden beat the U.S. in goals in the shootout. There was nothing unfair about it. One of our shots was stopped, the other shot missed the goal entirely. Hope Solo could only stop one shot (although at the end, it seemed like she just didn’t care). That’s how those go sometimes. The U.S. lost.


So I’m rooting for Canada because I have a huge girl-crush on Sinclair, who’s fierce as hell, and Tancredi is an amazing player. They just beat France, so... GO CANADA!!!

(Also, Hope Solo’s rant about playing cowards is incredibly immature and so far off-base. I think she’s a good soccer player, but she’s a terrible person. I get it: you’re mad you lost, you put a lot of pressure on yourself [as she should have; she’s the f-ing goalie], and you came up short. You lost. That doesn’t mean you blame the other team for not playing in a way that would have allowed you to win. That’s complete and utter bullshit. Accusing the other team of being cowards only shows [ONCE AGAIN] that YOU’RE a poor loser. As good as she is, I hope this is the last Olympics I see Hope Solo play in.)

Oh, also, at work, our department now has goals we have to meet, and if we don’t, we’re facing layoffs in three months. Talk about a moving goal post.

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