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Olympics- anyone else notice this last night?

I only watched a bit of Olympics last night. Caught the American gold upset in women’s wrestling (wow, that sport is fun to watch). Saw Usain Bolt take a leisurely stroll. Saw Decathalon dude win. Note- Decathalon athletes are cute. Also saw something interesting- they had the Womens’ 100m hurdles medal ceremony with the three American ladies (WOOO That race was amazing) and I noticed that at the playing of the National Anthem, all three faced the flag with their hands clasped in front of them, NOT over their hearts. Then there was a ceremony for Mens' Shotput? maybe (big beefy dudes tossing heavy stuff), and the US took the gold there. The gold medalist...stood facing the flag, hands clasped in front. No hand on heart. Were they maybe doing that in solidarity with Gabby? My headcannon says yes.


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