1. The luge! One of the few sports I see and desperately want to go try myself. It just looks so fun, like an amusement park ride! Why don’t the summer olympics have water slide races? When distances between competitors are almost always hundredths or even thousandths of a second, it’s hard for me to understand how that’s a difference of skill and not chance. But then the same person is consistently just that tiniest smidge faster, so it’s clearly skill! Which is so cool.

2. Curling is actually super fun to watch. It’s like a game of pool or a game of golf, there’s a lot of strategy and dramatic tension between the initial action and the end result.


4. I love watching moguls. So fast, room for disaster, but still moments of beauty and technical show off moments. I love sports that have skill and technique that needs to be judged - I know that’s weird from a spectators perspective, but I like watching for precision.

I started CBC’s prime time coverage late but started from the beginning, so I’m a bit behind - but I don’t care about spoilers, so post whatever! Canadian coverage is definitely less flashy than NBC’s.