Jeremy Abbott. What a massive choker. Ugh. Why did they put him on team skating? Choking at Olympics is his specialty.

Plushenko (sp?) a human Doberman Pincher. So smug and his skating is like an attacking Doberman. Yes incredible strength he shows but he is so smug. I think his snares when another competitor comes close in score is so unprofessional for this sport. My mother looooves his skating and all Russian figure skating. Ugh. Such smug figure skaters they have, Plushenko is the worst of them all.

Whenever he jumps I say to myself "fall, fall, fall". Yes I am bad.

I was very happy when Plushenko found himself second. He looked shocked and not happy. I was happy.


Pairs wasn't bad. The Russian pair the man also seemed of the Plushenko school just attacking it. Yes they were artistic but for me the guy seemed like he should be in a hockey game. Still his throws and timing was spot on.

Is team skating new? I cannot recall team skating last few Olympics?

The snowboarding thing .... dull.