Because I am visiting a friend in Egypt right now, and she doesn’t use air conditioning. D:

I got here a few days ago for a friend’s wedding; she’s an Egyptian girl I met during my study abroad and some of you might remember my hunt for the right dress to wear. Anyway, the wedding was amazing! Flaming swords were involved, no lie. Also I almost got chucked out by security bc I am obviously foreign—whoops! Only Egyptians are allowed bc the wedding hall is military-owned, if I understand correctly. The bride’s family intervened and saved me, thank god.

Now I am just hanging out with my American friend who lives here, trying not to sweat to death. Good lord it is hot! If you never hear from me again, I have died from the heat.

But my friend has a really cool group of people she hangs out with so I am having a good time! How are my lovely gt-ers doing?