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My heart-attack inducing moment of the day:

I was in my complex's laundromat about an hour ago when my roommate opened our front door and my new pup Sophie went sprinting past her and down the stairs (she's never done anything even remotely like that before, but she's suffering acute separation anxiety and I think she was probably looking for me).

My housemate wasn't wearing her glasses since she was going to the pool, so couldn't see where she went and wasn't even sure if she'd left the complex. Sophie is microchipped and she has her license tag, but she doesn't have a tag with my phone number yet, and she's a very recent rescue who tends to hide when she's scared, and OMFG.


My housemate and I spent the next 30 or 40 minutes wandering the neighborhood screaming her name (well, I screamed, my housemate just wandered), and thank the good fucking lord, I finally found her happily exploring a grassy patch near the sidewalk about two blocks from my apartment. Equally thankfully, she sprinted right into my arms the moment she saw me, and is now happily stationed between me and Buster on the couch as I try to remember how to breathe.

Jesus fucking christ. NO LOST DOGS MY HEART CANNOT TAKE IT. And I am going to be at the pet store when it opens tomorrow to get her a tag with my cell phone number on it.

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