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OMG Brittany J Smith Cover of Don't Rain On My Parade

I have subscribed to her channel on youtube for a while. She has always proven herself as a very good singer. I do not think she is quite as good as other youtube singers like Susanne Scherer (Moonsun) or Minniva though both are European not Americans.

Brittany J Smith did a cover of what I would call a good 9 in terms of.difficulty. Its very staccato and range varies a lot. I would put it in same difficulty catagory as I Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joe another staccato like.song. I think staccato is the right word, as in fast highly punctionating words.


I need to watch American Idol it seems like she is in the second round because right now I am so on her team yes Team Brittany this song did it.

Its from the musical which I never saw on stage. I think it started on stage. Funny Girl the movie was with Barbara Streisand who was fantastic.

Yes her hair is green its not the lighting.

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