Or any writing instrument, really. I was reading this article and immediately felt ashamed because I spent like $30 on pencils at Maido (GO BTW, best store EVER) yesterday.

I’ve always loved to sketch/draw—I always got nice pens in my holiday stocking, I fondle very few things, including pens/pencils, grapes heavy on the vine in vineyards, and really expensive clothes I can’t afford—but until recently it wasn’t really a job requirement.

I am lucky enough to work in an office with an unlimited supply of ALL THE SHARPIES and good old number 2 pencils and Paper-Mate Sharpwriters (which I do love), but I can’t stop myself from buying the good stuff. I’m in love with this pencil, and even though I constantly break thin leads, I insist on 0.3. I tend to avoid thicker and softer leads simply because I hate smearing and I tend to go over sketches with a Micron. Hard and thin leads allow me to avoid the pen.

And....oh my, pens. I am that big of an obsessive nerd that I actually have a favorite Prismacolor color (putty), just like I have favorite PMS colors. That said, I don’t use them a lot, as I tend to stick to b/w sketching. But, for note-taking....I can’t even. I love Microns, the thinner the better, in all colors. METALLIC PENS GIVE ME LIFE. These Monami pens are the fucking best thing ever and I hoard them. For your basic buy, nothing nothing nothing beats Flairs, at least for felt tip.

I feel like I might have issues.