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OMG Chanel

I don’t know why, but I only really started watching videos of fashion shows recently. I LOVE fashion shows—I’ve been able to go to a few at NYFW and they were just, like, basic. Nothing theatrical or out there. Still, even a run of the mill fashion show is still fun.

Right now I am obsessing with this from Chanel—not my favorite collection but OMG THE 90s STYLE ELECTRO MUSIC IS TO DIE FOR (hellooooo there’s even a little C&C Music Fucking Factory in there). And I love that he sent the models out power walking. Especially that second girl, fucking hilarious.

This shit is like Lagerfeld normcore. No lie I do happen to walk like this all badass when I am in a hurry and in tennies.


ETA Stella Tennant’s hair is killer. You can see everyone’s cell phones shoot up when she walks out too (2.25).

ETA is this the *biggest* show I’ve been to. I was in the second to last row (and it was in the theater, there’s like 25 rows or something, stadium seating) but at least I got a goodie bag.

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