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And I said yes. Obviously!

Yesterday was our one-year anniversary. He did it on the roof of the art building at the university, which I discovered how to climb years ago and showed him on our second date. He said, "Last time we came up here, I wanted to kiss you, but I didn't. This time I don't want to regret anything." And then he got on one knee, on the roof, and asked!

And then we saw a cop across the street turn around and head directly toward us. We got off the roof as fast as we could but we were still expecting to get in trouble. It would have been worth it though! But the cop either didn't see us or decided to let us go.


Anyways, the wedding is tentatively July 2015, and as I've mentioned in comments before, it's also an open GT meet! Anyone who feels like driving or flying all the way to Oregon is welcome to come, and anyone who wants an invite should email me.

You guys I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

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