Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

OMG Hair Splinters!

Okay I have HEARD about this shit and never believed it until IT HAPPENED TODAY.

I limped to work thinking I sprained the bottom of my footpad near my toes, because yes, that was logical after I spent the entire previous evening noshing on bad things, went to bed early, and my mind is like, oh you just sprained it. So then by the end of today, I grabbed my foot, looked at the footpad thing, and BAM! One of my guy's chin-head I don't know what hairs lodged itself into my foot pad thing skin. How does this happen?! Reverse hair osmosis?! I thought that was some urband legend! NOPE! Man, now I wish I had a video of it as gross as that sounds. Can anyone relate?


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