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I know this is really silly, and more like an anecdote, but still this NEVER happens to me.

So there's this guy who lives on the same floor as me. He kinda looks like a shorter, skinnier version of Guy Pearce in Iron Man 3. We say hi to each other because we run into each other a lot. I ran into him before on my way to 'girls night', and we made some conversation about the bar I was heading to. So yeah, that was it.

But today I was walking back from the store, and he sees me outside and walks me home. We chatted about my school, his gym, how he used to work as a personal trainer at the White House in the 90s (when I was like, 6, and voting for Clinton in our kindergarden class 'election' twice), and travel.


Like, guys NEVER talk to me. I'm so shy, so I don't talk to them either. But I managed to hold it together without my voice going up an octave. It's not like I'm going to stalk him (again, shy) or ask for his number, but I do hope we run into each other more often!

Sorry if this is totally boring, but it was the high point of my shitty day.

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