I know this is something most people did at least a year ago, but I just finished the last Hunger Games book.

I started reading the first one on Friday, and I've been reading basically every moment until now. I really enjoyed those books. They were exciting and absorbing. I became quickly attached to the characters, and I just had to know what happened next!

I was surprised by how morally ambiguous the books are regarding the actions of Katniss and the other victors and rebels. The Capitol did terrible things, but in the end so did the rebels, especially when they were fighting in the streets of the Capitol. I was also so sad about the evolution of Gale's character. I felt sorry that he and Katniss grew apart, and that his anger made him so violent in the end.

I wasn't really satisfied with the ending where Katniss and Peeta ended up together, especially the epilogue where they have bouncing happy children. They're obviously damaged and just need to hang on each other to get by, but it was a little too neat for me. I think what I liked about the books most was that the plots and motivations and endings were not neat. It was a very modern story of war and rebellion in that way, and I just felt like happily ever after didn't add anything To Peeta and Katniss' story. Plus I just liked Gale's character more, and I wanted Katniss and him to be together if she ended up in a couple. Peeta was so simple, he got by so much on luck, and instead of being honestly morally uncertain, when he acted wrongly it was just because he'd been hijacked. I thought Katniss and Gale were a more natural couple.

I'm still so stuck in this world. I think I'm going to be up late thinking about it. What about it, ladies who've read the books? What do you think?