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Omg, I am officially starting to hate my job. I took this job as a 'casual' employee (<20 hours per week) because I wanted something low stress and not a lot of responsibility. I started in September and already knew when I accepted the position that I was pregnant. It isn't that the work I do is mind boggling or anything but it is the amount they're putting on me now that they've fired some essential full timers. I am absorbing more and more and feel stretched too thin. This is really stressing me out and I am almost in tears at least once each time I work. It is ridiculous. Today I had to discharge a non compliant family from our clinic and got screamed at. Like I was as patient and kind to this lady as I could possibly be but she was just so MEAN and could see that I was upset and she just kept on and on and on. I am so annoyed. My s/o tells me to quit each time I try to talk about it. I am pregnant which is likely the reason behind the easy tears. I kind of want to ask my doctor to pull me out of work but don't really know if I should just come out and ask or what? When I mentioned my concerns (which initially were mostly physical, intense Braxton Hicks, leg pain, etc) the nurse at my docs office said most women work up until their due dates and that I just need to take deep breaths and try to relax. Um, yeah, easier said than done. But this emo aspect is really making things difficult. If I could just breath my way through the contractions and screaming people I would but at some point I think I need to throw in the towel. I don't want to have to quit my job because I am feeling overloaded and I suspect my pregnancy is a huge part of why I am feeling that way. Ughhh, I am just venting here and not really looking for anyone to give me some amazing advice or anything... just needed to complain.


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