So I'm off work today hanging out on the couch with the kittens, in cat haired covered yoga pants like a proper GTer. I'm seeing all these Hi I'm so happy to have posting privileges. I had no notifications like when I was un-greyed. I started telling myself, "Whatever, I don't need strangers on the internet to be my friends". Except I totally do, because you guys are awesome, and my close IRL friends all live far away. Mainly when I do see friends it's the married couple friends who my boyfriend has known for years. Everyone's nice and I get along with the ladies but we don't have that bond and I don't see it's going to happen.

Some stuff about me:

-I'm 28

-I live in NJ with my boyfriend (The Geekboy)

-I have two kittens, a brother and sister named Merlin and Morgana. I've never had cats before since I lived at home and my parents are firmly not Cat people. (Also my dad is allergic) so I may have cat mommy questions.

-(I really like using parenthesis).

-I'm a Whovian, a Trekkie, a Harry Potter fan, a LOTR fan, Sherlockian, Game of Thrones fan, and a Once Upon a Time fan


-I've been reading a lot more which is good and helps relax me