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First we went to a thrift shop. I nearly got for 99 cents a hardcover.omnibus of Dick Francis novels. It smelled of mildew and smoke so I said no.

He is an English mystery writer who I believe just writes about mysteries that involve horse racing. I read two of his books years ago and enjoyed them mildly. I do not think his novels were ever filmed for movies or gotten on PBS Mystery. Any fans of his?


Anyways we then went to another store. I said something to my mother when this woman said “Excuse me are you (my name)“. I totally did not recognize her and thought “who is she?. She gave her name and we knew each other in grade school, a Catholic school. My mother remembered her and I did by name. She looks nothing like she did when we were in grade school, I do not either. She recognized me by my voice. My voice.

I have never wanted my voice recorded I heard it recorded once in my 20s and said never again. It was not good but I just thought high register not 12 year old.

No one ever said “you know you sound like a 6th grader”. I would have gone to speech therapy if they had.

It was really nice seeing her, I got a rush of good memories. I wish I recognized her at sight. She moved back to our state but out of town. She has a college aged daughter, I feel so old. Still it was nice. My mother and her talked then my mother talked to her mother.

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