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Omg I'm dying (hilarity)

Did you guys know about the world supreme council, that is out to destroy countries they don’t like by directing asteroids at them? TRUE FACTS!

A couple of conspiracy theorists went on the Rotana Masriya tv program in Egypt recently to talk about how this world supreme council, which can also control earthquakes, volcanoes, and antimatter (among other things), is really just focused on destroying Egypt specifically.

Following the airing of the episode, the Twitter hashtags #TamerAmin , #WorldSupremeCoucil and #Worldadmincouncil were top trending in Egypt, where thousands of tweets mocked the claims made by Amin’s guests.

World-renowned Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef did not pass up the chance to comment on the “world supreme council”, saying “I apologise for not replying to tweets, I am quite busy with the world supreme council. How many Richters do you want your earthquake ?”


You guys, I love Bassem Youssef.

Another fun fact from the article? One of these conspiracy theorists offered as part of his “proof” that the master plan is the destruction of Egypt... “a photo of an album cover by American hip hop band Army of the Pharaohs.”


What more proof do you need, sheeple???

I love this because it feels like a beautiful alternate side to the ‘aliens built the pyramids’ nonsense.

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