I just got around to watching the latest episode of Girls. And, holy shit, Jenna Lyons AND Jessica Williams.

But, Jenna Lyons. Okay, she's been my professional idol FOREVER. I was a geeky follower of Mickey Drexler because I was obsessed with work for Gap while in college and he's a genius merchant. Ever since he took over at J Crew and immediately took to Lyons (who, for the uninitiated, has been there for 20+ years) I've just loved her. Usually when new leadership comes on, those at the creative helm are first to go, so I have been fascinated by her longevity.

At FW last year, I attended the J Crew presentation, and saw both her and Drexler, and almost DIED.

And, the scene in Girls is exactly like so many of my meetings at work, it was almost creepy.