Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

OMG. Kind of obsessed.

Anybody else get suuuper obsessed by a particular craft/hobby, especially ones that maybe don't have any fathomable particle application? Like. I am a southerner. I live in Atlanta Georgia, a city not known for it's inclement weather. We rarely drop below about 40 degrees F, and average lows for year hover around 50F. Not a cold clime. I am also an avid yarn crater, and lately I have been weirdly fixated on scarf making. Not just knitting in general, but scarf making in particular. And not fashion-y scarves; thick and cabled, or stranded and in the round double thick, piled up cowls and scarves with hoods and this one pattern I'm trying to work out that is a combo cowl/hood/muff. Why? I'm not working on getting better at socks, or sweaters or anything else in the world. Just scarves. Anybody else? Or am I a weirdy?


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