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Firstly, thank you again. A thousand times for the support you guys showed on Wednesday. BoyHeathen is currently up with his family, he has made arrangements and now just needs to get his mother’s rental company to let him into her apartment so he can settle the rest of her affairs. Right now, we are hoping that she has kept current with her life insurance, both so that her final expenses can be paid, and also we are hoping for a little on top of that- she is from California originally and requested her ashes be spread on Monterey Bay (which, I will do whatever I can to make happen, but a little extra money for plane tickets will go a LONG way for us) I wish I were with him right now, but I know him and I know his process and he wants to be alone and smoke cigarettes and not have someone asking him if he is okay; so I’m alone down here de-squaloring the house so when he comes home there is nothing for him to think about. He decided to cremate the blanket, and I’m sad about that because it was really pretty and soft and huge and if it makes him feel a little better- well, RIP to the both of them.

I guess I just need to set up a Gofundme for more yarn.(that’s how that works, right? You ask the internet and they’ll give you like ten grand for potato salad- so I can totally get 100 bucks for yarn?)


Anyhow, I’m now on night 4 of being alone in the house, and I have been surviving on absolute bullshit. All the left overs! Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon- sure, why the fuck not? “spaghetti” consisting of farfalle noodles and a rather dusty jar of ragu from who the fuck knows when? Fire it up! Cheese quesadillas and potato soup- and now I have run out of anything that resembles ingredients in my house ( unless I want to throw my spice cabinet into a bowl of warmed up chicken stock and let it ride) Do I go shopping for something, or do I let the good folks at grubhub bring me something to eat? Im leaning towards grubhub, simply because I can’t think of anything I want to cook.

Adulthood. Harder than it should be.

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