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OMG nobody_said_it_was_easy

You are the literal best!

I just got my gt gift swap package, and look at all my new toys!


A cute little card with glitter and penguins (my favorite!)

A flash pop figurine! I don’t even think I mentioned that I collect these I have a whole little family along the top of my cubicle, and it’s been getting very marvel heavy, so the flash is perfect!


And a macaron recipe book and kit! I’ve made macarons a few times, and I keep seeing this kit in stores and eyeing it for myself, I just hadn’t been able to justify the expense. Now it’s been justified for me! And the recipe book is simply gorgeous, to say nothing of all the delicious recipes inside.


Thank you so much Nobody_said_it_was_easy!

Has anyone else received their gift swap stuff yet?

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