Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I got a frantic call this am (today being my one day off from both work and the book sale) from my boss saying that everyone involved in tonight's lecture was stricken down, the person who was supposed to introduce the speaker had a detached retina and had been commanded not to move, and if I would come in on my day off to introduce the speaker I would not only get paid, but I would get to go to dinner beforehand, and by the way, the introduction had to be fit to print because this lecture is not only being podcast, but issued in print sometime in the spring.

I said yes. This is a REALLY BIG FUCKING DEAL and I am doing it all directly in front of the manager who kiboshed my NYC trip.


So I found something to wear, I wrote my introduction (totally brilliant BTW), I had dinner with the guest of honour (cassoulet and 2 glasses of pinot noir) and I'm going downstairs in 10 minutes to deliver my introduction. WISH ME LUCK.

ETA: Mission accomplished! Possibly even with grace and aplomb! (Really, such a big fuss over a five-minute speech, but still, it had to be done correctly.)

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