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OMG Salt and Bad, Bad Bad food

Why oh why do so many midwesterners think that all holiday meals must contain approximately 3,000% of your daily salt needs? We spend Christmas at my in-laws and they're as bad as my grandmother when it comes to cooking. My MIL cannot cook. She overcooks all meat to leather and all veggies come from cans, covered in butter and are baked from there. She just throws packaged frozen potato crap together with cream of mushroom or chicken or whatever, tops it with cheese and corn flakes and calls it a dish. Main dish was canned wienies slow cooked with concord grape jelly and ketchup and ham slow cooked to dryness.

I cannot stand meals made out of processed food mixed with cream of whatever the fuck soup. It looks like it's already been eaten. So mushy and yucky.


I'm really not a picky eater, I love to eat most things. I love all veggies, most meats, spices, milk, potatoes, etc. I just hate things cooked to mush and topped with cream of whatever the fuck. I wish she'd let me contribute a dish or two. I know that most of my husband's family from WI also loves that kind of cooking too so it makes me feel badly for not enjoying it. According to the scale, I gained 10 lbs yesterday and I didn't even eat that much. I'm sure the vast majority of it is water retention from eating nothing but salt, salt, salt and more salt. I feel badly that my whole life, I've never liked 'holiday' food because it tastes so gross to me. I know it's going to be decades by the time I host a holiday dinner too so this makes me a little sad. My MIL only just started to host last year from her MIL who turns 93 this year.

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