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OMG shutupshutupshutup

Endured a full hour of one-on-one mansplaining at work today. I walked in with simple questions. I'm organizing a whatever event. Here's the cash-flow issue, which stems from having to put down deposits long before the participation fees are paid. When other people have done this event where they are, everything has been either been routed through that person's department or through the larger organization. Can our department help with that, and, if not, who would I ask about whether the larger organization can?

It took an hour to get to the answers, which were "no" and "I have no idea." I'm fine with those answers, but I am not fine with an hour of being told how to reserve rooms (I've already done it), questioned about whether such deposits exist (they do), warned that venue X probably wouldn't be large enough for the event (it is), advised to talk to venue Y (which I learned months ago was not large enough, and moreover we've already negotiated everything and chosen venue X), huffed at because of how expensive venue X would be relative to others (it isn't), argued with about whether the cash flow thing had ever been a problem at other iterations of this event (it has), snapped at for not having said anything about these plans in the past (I had) ...


There's really too much to enumerate. Let's just sum it up: This man ignored my questions for almost forty-five minutes in favor of attacking every fact I presented to him, despite those facts resulting from months of work and/or over a decade of experience at these events. Then he raised his voice at me. Then some belittling and seemingly endless variations on "I don't know" before I could flee the room.

Really tiresome.

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