1. Some teenager just got shot not 100 feet from my front door about 45 minutes ago so I’m just now processing that. Never have I been in viewing distance of the crime scene. I hope he’s ok. I stood outside a long time. I kept looking for his mother or another relative to show up but didn’t get the impression. They took him to the hospital very quickly. My neighbor, who is a paramedic, heard the shots, ran outside (same as us and everyone else), but then just goes running straight toward them. I can’t even imagine that kind of courage.
  2. It’s been apocalypse weather all day and the power was out at work. CHECK OUT THIS SHIT (video). I mean...omg.

I need a drink.

I’ve been 1) held up by a kid with a gun 2) twice been in a crowd that someone fired shots into and 3) heard gunshots outside, in the distance, a bazillion times. I live in New Orleans; it happens and it sucks. I have never actually seen someone on the ground, I have never been so close to an actual person getting shot.

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