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OMG, This Local Church Just Sent Me a Book They Wrote About Sex and it is Bananas.

Full Disclosure: I am a Christian. I believe in God. And I think a lot of you know enough about me for this to maybe be surprising maybe not. If you guys care, or have questions or want to know more about my personal beliefs. I might to an AMA.

You guise. This shit is cray.

In almost 40 years of marriage counseling, I have witnessed the horrific and overwhelming pain of counseling hundreds of couples where one was involved in an extramarital affair. Every single time, the open front door that allowed an affair like this to creep in came in the form of media and opposite sex friends.

Before they got married the couple decided to have no boundaries, and they had sex. They were defensive that it was no big deal. After they got married, they watched R-rated movies full of nudity and explicit sexual content. Again, it was no big deal. 


That’s right every single one of you that went to see Alien Covenant? That’s going to cause your man to start creeping.

When I counseled these couples about the dangers of media and that a married person can never have a close opposite sex friend, they were often offended. 

Yes Probably because they realized that you were foolish.

Foreplay As a pastoral counselor with almost four decades of experience counseling married couples, I have seen the subject of foreplay almost completely disappear from most marriages. Talking to other counselors who specialize in sex counseling, I hear the same reports. Now, let me be clear. Foreplay is not meant to be a sexual time.


This is a bad take.

In almost 40 years of counseling married couples concerning their sex lives, my first and strongest counsel is always for the husband to begin almost every sexual encounter by having his wife lie flat on her stomach with her head at the foot of the bed. They begin the sexual encounter with the husband spending 5-10 minutes giving his wife a wonderful, gentle massage that does not involve any groping or sexual action. He may want to start at 5 minutes and work up to 10. He starts by standing by her head, massaging her head and shoulders. Massaging the scalp is heavenly for most people!


1st Don’t put your hands in my hair. That’s for my stylist. She is a trained professional, she knows what she’s doing.

2nd. If you put your hands in my fresh sew in, What’s not going to happen is me throwing it back at you.


You guys it keeps going like this for 45 pages. We haven’t even gotten to the men are animals part.

We might have to read this together.

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