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OMG,This Local Church Just Sent Me a Book They Wrote About Sex and It is Bananas III.

Something to Smile About instead of crying about our New Russian Overlords.

There is an epidemic of sex-less marriages. We are more obsessed with sex, yet having less of it in many marriages than at any other time in history! Of the last 100 times I have had couples come to me saying, “We haven’t had sex in over six months,” at least 70% of the time, and probably closer to 80-90%, it was the husband who was avoiding sex. This was not true 20 years ago, and it was drastically different 30 years ago.

I’m going to need this peer reviewed.

Again, in talking with multiple other counselors who specialize in sex counseling, I found the same statistics. This seems so counter-intuitive, but there is a very logical reason as to why this happens. When you have the worldly mentality of being a taker during sex, compounded with the addictive, mindless activities of video games, porn (including staring at cleavage, nudity, and R-rated-action-packed movies), and other forms of mind-numbing media, sex with your wife loses excitement and satisfaction.




This is a really really really bad take.

The husband’s begins to think, “I’ve been married to the old hag for ten years. Where is the fun? I had fifteen women before I conquered this old woman. I am an animal. I want a new conquest. I want to go chase something and capture it.

I would hope if you married someone like this you would divorce them.

Society has sold us the bill of goods that the more stressed you are, the more you should unwind by watching media. Unfortunately, media leaves people with less time and feeling more stressed, than when they started watching or playing the media.


My experience binge watching Reign on Netflix tells a different story, but ok.

On the other hand, giving a massage with a heart to bring his wife pleasure restores a man’s soul. Repentance from being a taker is more than just praying a prayer. The word in the Bible for repent means to change the way you think. Each time a man gives his wife a massage he is rewiring his brain to think differently. He is walking out repentance and changing from the inside out. Through massage, he rewires his brain to understand new insights.


That’s it he went to happy ending massages.

As the husband massages his wife, he begins to grow in understanding of who she is. He’s being gentle as he begins to work on her back. It is really sore, so he takes his time loosening her lower and upper back. He begins thinking, “Oh, you’ve been carrying our baby all day. What a great mama you are.” Then he begins working down her legs, and he feels these knots in her calves. He’s thinking, “She’s been up and down those stairs. Oh my, what an amazing woman you are!” Then he begins to massage her fingers and wrists. They hurt because she’s been typing. He massages these fingers, and he begins to think, “These are the most beautiful fingers I have ever seen in my life, and they work so hard all day. I love this woman so much!”


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