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Who else is drinking their dinner tonight? This week has been ENDLESS, and I would be happy to have it my rearview, if next week didn’t promise more of the same.

—I have spent what feels like a bajillion hours on the phone with HR this week, trying to lay out a very precise game plan for dealing with one of my direct reports who is just doing her best to get fired. My piece of it included conducting half a dozen employee interviews this week, writing out a specific and detailed performance improvement plan for her, and on Monday I need to deliver it in a super direct conversation. All of this will possibly be for naught, because behind the scenes there is a second open HR case being conducted against her that has nothing to do with me technically—all I had to do was coordinate some internal interviews for my HR partner to conduct. My conversation needs to happen Monday so that HR can have their conversation later in the week—and it’s looking very possible she’ll be fired as a result of that second investigation. Meaning all of the extra work on my end, while necessary, will have been moot in the end.

—The non-profit I volunteer with once a week had an event this past Monday. They had me running up and down three flights of steps in the dark helping people to their purchased seats. It was hot and airless, and everyone was miserable. Guess who they took it out on? I was yelled at by several different people (who were just annoyed at the situation, not specifically yelling AT me at me) which, I gotta be honest, was hard to swallow. I don’t get yelled at at my real job, where I get paid. I’m not okay with being yelled at for free. I was hot, sweaty, and super cranky by the time the event was done, which is when Dumb Guy—who works for the organization I volunteer for—asked me out for a drink after the event. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND OF COURSE I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT, I HATE THIS DAY” was pretty much my response. I felt bad about snapping at him afterwards, leading to...


—I went out with Dumb Guy last night. I saw him early in the day, when I had to drop off some paperwork, and he asked if I was busy that night...The orchestra was great. The sex was okay. The headache I woke with was not, nor was the terrible chemical taste I had in my mouth all day. He lives acrocc town from where I work, and I got stuck behind a funeral procession on the way to work. I have been slightly crampy this evening, and have to pee every three and a half minutes. If I got a dumb UTI from the dumb sex with Dumb Guy, I will possibly never have sex again.

What’s grinding your gears tonight, GT?

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